The Starseed. Stellar Seed, or ChildStars. They are not part of the Vampires, the Lycan or Therian but they are the Otherkin: Other-Than-Kin.

They are spirits from another spiritual dimension and reincarnated in a human body. He arrive from the fourth and fifth astral dimension to help the human race for evolve spiritually and advance to the next dimension. This is Because the human race is in a period of "stalemate" for too long. But, I will tell you more: the human race is close to a "massive spiritual evolution." There are many people who feel like if something is going to happen, but do not know what to say. Unfortunately, or fortunately, not everyone is ready to move to the next dimension. Here, then, that the Starseed are intervening in droves to evolve spiritually humans in view of this. Where in ancient times meditation it was practiced every day, thanking nature for food supplied to us and respecting our surroundings; now we prayer, sending our energy (but we need it to grow) to a "God" who is above our heads; we destroy trees to build things that plague this planet, and we do not bring respect neither for ourselves, we eat junk food in fast-food and we sprinkle the body of creams of harmful substances.

Let's face it: with the advancement of Christianity every spiritual thing has been blocked. The Inquisition was burning witches, the Templars be converted the other peoples in their belief with blood and those who used in the correct way to make poultices herbal medicines was labeled like a witch. From that moment the spirituality has go dying, until the Starseed be not incarnated here, starting to get things back in the right order. I do not say that it is only thanks to them, but they gave a great help!

This, however, not all over the world. India has always been practicing yoga and meditation, and fortunately survived something still to this days.

Many times it is said that the Starseed are aliens, and it seems absurd to hear but, in reality, just is not. They are from the fourth and fifth astral dimension and the only reason they are aliens Extra-Dimensional. In addition, to make them aliens Extra-Terrestrial, it is the fact that, in the astral dimension, residing in other planets such as Pleadi, Vega, Sirius, Arcturus and others.

Each of them, have voluntarily took a physical form and has been incarnatedhere, and from the moment they arrived on this planet they have assumed the nameof "Starseed"; now they are calls Pegasiani, Arcturians, Pleadiani etc...

But all the inhabitants of those planets have come here? No. They came here onlywho, usually, they did make missions, as if they were "special agents." Indeedthe Starseed still possess the characteristics of the last planets who had visited before incarnating, maintaining, however, especially those of their place of origin. As an example, if nowhumans must to help another planet to grow, maybe technologically, of course, will be soldiers, special agents of the CIA, technicians and engineers who go in the other planet. Certainly not the employee of the month of the pizzeria under the house.

For a perfect example, I now speak of the NASA. NASA wants popular Mars and, to do that, he took a few people who for six years will receive training that will enable them to fend for themselves in a world so far from home. After six years they will be self-sufficient and able to survive independently. Do you understand now?

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