The awakening of a Starseed
The Starseed has a spiritual awakening that can happen in more phases. When it happens he suffers from muscular and articular pains, backache and of head. Important changes in the daily life, like a new job or a new house, change of alimentary style, loss of sexual desire, loss of old friends, changes of weight. This because the body is getting used the new type and quantity of energy that it is changing in he. It can happen that beginnings to cry without a reason, than it is feel sad without any apparent reason, and this because he are freeing the old energy in order to make space for the new energy.

​It is very easy that through the dreams, feelings or during the meditation, resurface old memories of far lives, of when he lived in another dimension. Also changed the sleep cycles: inability to sleep, therefore insomnia, to wake up many times over during the night, and make tormented dreams. All this because it is being prepared for the life mission that will have to complete on this planet which is, approximately, individual for every Starseed.

​This Code contains the memories of the past, feelings, habits and abilities that the Starseed had in its latest lives.

The spiritual awakening happens in several phases, and the crystalline code is activated in same time, also more and more times, releasing on "at doses", memories through the dreams and the visions. The sensations, for example the Deja-vù , are allowed by the Crystalline Code that has been activated.

The Starseed to reach this dimension, the third, must to go beyond the veil that separates it from his dimension, the fourth or the fifth. It is mindful that doing it he forgets what which knows and risking being embroiled In this dimension with the human species without be able to get out, exactly like them, in the infinity cycle of the death and reincarnation. For their luck in their soul, in their essence, they hiding the crystalline codex that is started at the moment of the spiritual awakening.

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