Always sensitive, with the senses developed and iridescent eyes, this is the PSI; another type of vampire that, instead of taking blood, he eat energy of people. A little how does an astral larva, do it an inexperienced vampire, consciously or not, bring his victim to a negative mood and energy flowing from this emotion is absorbed by the vampire. You have to pay attention when, after talking to someone, you feel tired, have dizzy and have similar symptoms. You've most likely you have in front of you a Psychic Vampire. If a psychic vampire he knows it what he is, and feeds on positive energy, it is not difficult to find in clubs, at a concert or in crowded places, where you can absorb all those energies that people release without his intervention.
Conversely, if you feed on negative energy he surround himself with people with problems or anything else that lead them to keep negative feelings; instead of helping them to get out of this depression, the PSI tends to feed these feelings.
When it absorbs the energies may can feel hot flashes, diventargli the red-faced and have your hands warm. Feeling euphoric, hyperactive and full of energy.

Thank Edge Rocker, founder of the "Il Tempio Oscuro", for clarification on the matter.

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