Characteristics of a Starseed
At this point, how do I know if I am a Starseed?, you're wondering. Well, first of all, the Starseed live like a normal human being up to the phase of the spiritual awakening that this can happen at any age and at any time, unlike the Real Vampire that its awakening only happens during puberty.
Some small clue, before the spiritual awakening, you can already have it since every StarSeed has special abilities.

- Try attraction for the stars since childhood.
The origins of a Starseed are in heaven, so for him it is the inevitable observe the sky and get feel that his "home" is there, that's a place where you feel good and safe.

- Dreaming aliens, spaceships, fightings.
It often happens that one Starseed is a victim of alien abduction,
both physical and astral, and takes them into memory in dreams,
the few times that happens. Or you have the impression of having
dreamed of the aliens, but in fact they were actually in front of him,
in the astral or in this dimension.
Dreaming planets, interplanetary travel, battles, can be memories of
old real life as Starseed. Crystal Code (Codice Cristallino), is a clear
sign that the code you are activating.

- Little interest in meat.
The Starseed, in general, prefer fruits and vegetables to the meat. If they eat beef will little and never his favorite dish or main. It is not uncommon a Starseed is vegetarian, vegan or even fruitarian. It has great respect for the surrounding environment and the animals.

- He always feels out of place.
It's between friends or at home will always have the feeling of being out of place, do not belong to that place, as if her home is elsewhere. A "home" which, however, does not understand. It don't feel understood by others, it feels different and has a sense of estrangement a little to everything. In the same way he does not understand the people and, indeed, sometimes can not bear them. He disgusted for violence, he not understand it; wars and quarrels in general, for them, are something really inconceivable and incomprehensible.

- Misunderstanding general.
The Starseed are struggling to understand the mechanisms of this world and they are not even interest to it, both political and judicial. Do they not understand many arguments and behavior of human beings. They dissociates from all this.

- Predisposition for the technology.
It is a computer or an electronic object, he will be able to make it work even without the help of the manual. The Starseed has an understanding of the technological mechanics above the average human and he is fascinated to technological electronic devices. He may find it fun disassemble and reassemble a computer just for the hell of it.

- Escape from reality.
The Starseed can find attraction to psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs. Not for the fact of getting high, but to have new experiences, to escape from this reality that does not feel his and to feel closer to the concept he calls "home" and that try to give an explanation. By this point I do not mean that those who use drugs are the Starseed, at all.
​This escape from reality may also occur with the desire to do astral travel, thus exiting from this dimension so cryptic for him.
​When it comes to alcohol and drugs do not have a medium tolerance: or very high or very low, there is no middle ground. And with this I am not urging you to seek your limits with both of these substances, but to take it only as a purely cognitive notion.

- Relate with humans.
                                                                Even relations with humans, for them, are a problem. They can not                                                                                  understand the other people and do not feel included. Still, the Starseed                                                                      emanate positive energy that humans are attracted. They have an aura so                                                                    warm and welcoming that for a person on this planet, with only stay close to                                                                 him, you feel better, as if the problems that weigh on they back are getting                                                                    lighter.
​                                                                 For this, for one Starseed, it is not impossible attract people and
                                                                hear phrases like: "With you I feel good", "I'll tell you something I've never                                                                     told anyone," "I don't know why, but although I do not know you, I feel I can                                                                  trust you." Likewise, for a Starseed it is easy to attract people who tell their                                                                    personal facts but he can not close the conversation, even if he has another                                                                  commitment.
​                                                                Even romantic relationships are a real brain teaser! Some of them choose to remain alone without a partner in their own life for the incompatibility between Starseed and human. It is not difficult, however, that if one Starseed find an other Starseed between them born a bond. The two of them feel understood each other, closer to "home", as if they travel in the same wavelength, on the same road.
​It happens that one Starseed fall in love with a human and that the history between them is solid, without him lose the interest towards the terrestrial but, in this case, the human has many features similar to the Starseed and, for something, it differs from others of his kind.

​During the spiritual awakening the senses of the Starseed, such as taste, smell and hearing, may accuirsi and allowing him to perceive things that the average human can not do. Furthermore, and this is always done after a stage of awakening, also the body temperature change can happen, can go more lower of the standard (35°/36.03°, when the human norm is of 36.05°).

The points above are just a few, and even if you are reflected in all it is not for sure that you are a Starseed.
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