Ricycle old candles

I imagine there is already happened to find at home, among the old things, ruined candles and full of dust. They can not be used for rituals, let alone to thank the Gods, absolutely no! For the meditations? Very unsightly. Or perhaps, more likely, it's just me hard to please. Anyway, here's how I recycle giving them new life and new color!

You will need:

• Candles.

• Two pots, one larger so that it can enter the second.

• Little jars and plastic cups. Also ones of the Yogurt.

• Wicks -Or toothpick and string-.

• Wax colors.


- Take the pot bigger and fill it with water. Little, because you put inside the pot smaller.

- Put the candles in the smaller pot. If they have it, I recommend you remove the wick so it you can reuse.

- As the wax melts, you can enter the wax colors: they will change the color.

- When the wax has melted completely pour into plastic cups or containers, and insert the wick. If you did not have the wicks, take a toothpick and wrap it with string. Dip in the hot wax, let it dry a few and insert in the new candle.

- Wait some hours and once solidified and become the cold you can remove from the plastic containers. Now the candle took new life and ... personality!

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