Water of crystal

A very curious practice and that will interest many of you, surely are the water crystals. You will not have to break a stone and find water but, more simply, give to water magical properties. Choose a stone that you have, of course, that will not damaged in contact with water, even the water-soluble (pay attention to amber!).
Cleanse and charge the days before the full moon.
The night of the full moon, take water of source (in the absence of the tap) and place it in a clear glass container, preferably indoors.  On the bottom lean the stone, let the water in the rays of the full moon.
The next morning you can drink the water, and on you will have special effects, such as provide new energy, confer capabilities that you not have before. Who knows!

Oh, I want to tell you that the capacity will not be permanent, but it is a good way to gain experience and work. You never know that if you work the right way, will become permanent.

With amethyst you can do the amethyst water, precisely, while a hyaline Crystal willget the moonlit water.
That said, get jiggy to discover all the effects of the stones.

Only, beware: Before inquire that the stone you want to use is not water soluble or toxic!

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